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[MP Presents] the 1st sky ~ SKY after rain~

♥ All albums uploaded here belongs to “M2M Project” at TSMN website. Hotlink is forbidden (ask for my permission before you want to post our albums anywhere). If you like our project and download it, please comment to let us know what you think! We will be happy very much, thanks ^_^

the first sky
~ SKY after rain ~

SORA project; M2M Factory
Release Date:
June,26th, 2008 
Size: 119Mb
picture got from er0k@deviantart


01 SKY/ Ohashi Takuya
03 涙空/ GreeeeN
04 eighteen sky/ Nana Kitade
05 空色デイズ/ Nakagawa Shouko
06 同じ窓から見てた空/ Kobukuro
07 茜空/ Remioromen
08 青空/ Lia
09 夏空グラフィティ/ Ikimono gakari
10 空の森で/ Mami Kawada
11 君想フ空/ alan
12 空色/ Ritsuko Okazaki
13 In The Sky/ Yui Horie
14 FLY (English Version)/ LIV

Download Link: Server

This is the first album of our newest project: "SORA", including lots of happy and cheerful song. The truth, I'm really tired with "Ame" project. It's always has sad songs. ( > < ). OK! It's rainy season in our country but I don't want to be 'humid" anymore. Let's go for a beautiful SKY ahead.
Be happy, everyone, OK?
Tags: jpop, m2m, music, sora

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